Monday 1 February 2016

8th run and 4km

Big step today with 4km painfree!

Slipping out in the rain, I am pretty sure I won't last long, since I had a tiresome weekend with lots of walking and carrying boxes. Thus, I listen carefully to my body signals. My foot feels good and enjoys the swampy cushioning trail. Something different today? I removed my orthodic sole, which seemed to bother my foot more than helping it! My stride is now smoother, I bounced back nicely. I think this orthodics is not made for running and kind of impairs my stride every time I step on it. I run now with the regular soles from my asics nimbus and it feels right.

I warm up my calves before starting, the usual 50/10/10 and stretch. Feels good too, no starting pain, not even unpleasant sensations.

Since I am now close to the 5k, my first recovery goal, I plan to switch to a stepped progression with an easy run between two "longs". I will run 3km only on Wednesday and come back to 4 or 4,5km on Friday. This should give my foot more time to recover.

It's going pretty well guys, the ultra is just a footsteps away :)

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