Saturday 3 November 2018

Krummenseelauf 2018

"Autumn is finally here"... says no one ever πŸ˜“

For most, it's usually not the happiest time of the year. Stuck between summer and Christmas, days are getting shorter and colder, work deadlines more stressful. But a positive runner always see the bright side of life 😁

I love October and November runs, for the breathtaking colour palette nature is displaying. Sometimes, you don't even know where to look and you just let the music of the wind in the trees, the creaking trunks and the rustling of your shoes on the carpet of dead leaves rhythm your steps.

If you ever come to Berlin in autumn, you gotta go out for a run! The two regions are sprinkled with lakes, 80 for Berlin and more than 3000 for Brandenburg (no-one knows the exact number). Villages flourished around them and people all have a nearby lake they like and are proud of. Proud enough to organise a run around it! This is why, whatever the time of the year, you will always find a lake run in the area.

With walking or running distances usually ranging from 3k to half, sometimes even full-marathon, everyone is attending: Papa, Mama, the kids, the grandparents! It's a family event in friendly mood, no hassle. People who don't run volunteer to help, prepare the soup, grill the sausages or bake cakes. Everyone knows each others, people are joking and laughing all the time. You can end up having more fun than on a reputed race πŸ˜‹

That's how I found myself running a 15k this morning. Last-minute decision motivated by the still-good-but-for-how-long weather. Very nice event, with a charming route along the Krummensee lake and in the colourful woods around. Short distances are ideal to test your cardio and I ran way faster that I'm used to. I'm paying the price now, with sore and painful legs! But I finished the 15km in 1h17min, which is a really good time for me. The organiser even called my name while I was about to leave. It turns out I made 3rd place in the M30 and I won a delicious doughnut offered by the local bakery 🍩 Now, THAT's what I call a sponsor ;)

Enjoy the last days of autumn and see you soon in Berlin for a lake run!