Friday 26 February 2016

17th run and 7km

NEW RECCORD today, with 7km painfree !

I'm convinced that good gear doesn't make a good runner, but it's nice and really motivating to get new stuff now and then. Thanks to my brother-in-run for this awesome birthday present: a new pair of sunglasses, that makes me look like I'm about to jump on my snowboard and descend the Mt. Blanc on immaculate snow... Yeah right, I'd like to see that! :)

Perfect sunny Sunday to try them on. Oh right, I got an haircut too. About time, I was starting to have difficulties seeing in front of me! I feel great today, let's break down in pieces some new record. I'm out for a "long run", following my favourite trail even longer, rediscovering these nice places that have seen so many of my past trainings. My watch marks the 5th and 6th kilometer, still no pain in my foot, maybe just some discomfort.

I'm trying to leave the cushioning trail to wander a bit on concrete, since Berlin's half and full marathon only consists of such. Not a big fan of hard surfaces, but my foot doesn't complain more. The 7th kilometre shows up like the finish line of an ultra. I'm kinda proud of me, 2 new reccords in a week. I really feel that the 10k, second step of my recovery, has never been that close!

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