Wednesday 31 August 2016

Weeks 3-4/18, back me up !

Almost a month without posting any news... But a lot going on in my life, as usual!

I finished on schedule weeks 3 and 4 of my training plan, respectively with 24 and 30km a week. But I had to take a 2-week break, after hurting my lower back pretty badly while trying to put my bike in the trunk of the car. Aouch! I am used to lumbar pain but usually not that intense. I tried to run a bit but it seemed to make things worse after that, so I decided to take a break and avoid any risk. My plantar fascia being connected to my leg and my back, I should be really careful not to make them both worse than they already are.

I used this time off to have my back checked through a MRI. Nothing serious, but my encouraging doctor advised me as usual to stop running and switch to swimming or I might get more back problems in the future. We'll see about that, in the meantime I intend to stay on the trail! However, I do belive I should limit city runs on hard pavement and stick to dusty roads, which was already my plan!

I finished these two weeks by enjoying three days of vacation in the mountains: sunshine, fresh air, healthy food, pool, sauna and an amazing back massage. As it turned out, I have a very stressful life, according to my back, and I accumulates a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, which might be a cause for my lower back issues. I am reading more about it right now and the proper way to get all that stresses out.

I celebrated my recovery by enjoying a nice little 5k with my honeybunny in the hills, soooo good!
Back at my training plan this week, and still 14 weeks to go. This shift in my schedule set a 21k run on Berlin's marathon day, so I'll run at least half of it with my little wife. Then I'll take the subway up to km 40 and wait for her to finish :)

Monday 1 August 2016

Week 2/18, cut me some snack !

I bravely finished my 2nd week of training. Since I only have time to run 3 times a week (the wife is running too) I need to wrap up 4 runs into 3 to keep up with the weekly mileage. Which means that I have to face 6km and 8km runs on working days, before the long run on Sunday.

My foot is carrying me pretty good. I sometimes feel that I'm at the edge of injuring it again, but then I rest a day or two and it's up and ready for a new run. However, I noticed that my body is not as effective and economic as it used to be when dealing with food reserves. I can have a consistent breakfast and lunch, I still feel very hungry when running after work. Tuesday I felt hypoglycaemia pretty hard and strived to finish my 6k. I decided to get a consistent snack (milk and chocolate cereals) around 18h. I then ran much better 1h later.

Third week is a resting one with less mileage. Let's enjoy it, it's not gonna last!