Friday 29 January 2016

7th run

Seventh run today. I have some time and decide to run in the afternoon. I'm planning 3km, maybe a little more if I feel ok.

As planed, I warm up my calves before starting: 50 get-up on my tip-toes, then 10 on my left foot (whole body weight on it), holding the last one for 10 seconds. Then I stretch my calf against the wall, leg wide and leg bent.

Running feels good at start, better than the previous runs. I guess my calves are ready and take some weight off my feet. I'm already considering pushing to 3,5km today, even 4km! The weather is cold, windy, penetrating.

I run about 3km, when I first notice some spark in my foot, very brief. I reduce the pace but keep on moving. Is my foot in pain? Hard to say for now... After another hundred meters, the spark occurs again, this time at the base of my sole, a clear signal! I stop immediately and walk back home. No real pain, but I can feel that my sole is asleep.

It is really bugging me, but I have to be careful, always play the safe card and listen to my body. I hope that this is only temporary and that regular training will push this limit little by little. I can't imagine a life of running no more than 3km!

Will do some research on warming up and cooling down from runners who recovered from PF.

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