Friday 5 February 2016

10th run, 5km and 1st goal achieved

"Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy."

Wooooh! 5km today and the first step of my recovering program achieved: the 5k!

Now, 5k can seem like the end of the world for many couch-addicts, but it used to be my keystone, a reference distance I used a lot. It gives you a good idea of your average pace, it's a nice segment in a marathon (run 5km at a time!), it's usually the distance separating two supply points (who doesn't like them?) and it's a nice distance for a short run. I usually never ran shorter than this. But today I kinda feel like a couch-potato myself, striving to see that 5 beeping on my watch!

No rushing though, I take my time, let's see how far I get today. The stepped training and running only 3k on Wednesday is working. My foot feels rested and ready. I warm up my calves before starting, as usual, and follow a narrow trail I know well.

Last night I watched 'Run Free', the documentary on Caballo Blanco, the famous ultrarunner who lived amongst the raramuri indians in the Copper Canyons. He used to run more than 100 miles a week in the mountains and had a very distinctive stride: small steps, back straight, arms low... I'm trying to copy his posture, quite different than mine. It feels smooth, relaxed, I like the small steps, which are less demanding for my foot. Before I even notice, my watch marks the 5th kilometer. I did it!

It took me 3 weeks to reach my first goal, but I really feel everything is on its way. I still cannot commit to any training plan right now, with only 15km a week, but it shouldn't take long. The recovery train is up and running! Next stop: 10km station :)

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