Monday 22 February 2016

15th run and swampy 6km

New record today: 6km pain-free at pace 6:40!

Who said you need to wander deep into the forest for some adventure! I found it right in my back yard ;)

It's been raining for 3 days straight and my favourite trail changed into a swamp. But with just one run last week, I gotta get out! Mud up to the knees, I fight my way out, tracked by hungry piranhas biting my calves... Ok, I may oversell the story! You want action or what?

The narrow trail gets wet and slippery, but I am targeting a new record today so I hang on. I realise I don't really have the proper equipment for that. Water-resistant socks would be the minimum, trail shoes a must! I am adding this to my list to Santa.

The swampy trail makes it really hard to stay steady. The more I progress, the more I need to watch where I put my feet. Water wets my socks, I have dirt all over me, rain is forcing me to shut my eyes... The good thing though is that my foot is "digging" this cushioning ground and I run through the 6th km easily, no pain whatsoever. A new amazing victory, over nature, over man, over myself :)

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