Wednesday 11 October 2017

Back to training, new shoes and last minute news

It's been a month since I crossed the finish line of a marathon for the second time. I remember how hard it was too rebounce after the first one. You just want to rest, do nothing, and you get the well-known post-marathon blues. Not this time! My goal is still a 50k, I need to keep the engine running! Although I feel it is still on, autumn is here and the weather is getting worse. Cold rainy days ahead of us... I really need motivation and goals for the winter season. I feel I still have some gas in the tank and I'm craving for more reward. After all, when you finally saved enough to go to Disneyland, you don't spend the day in the gift shop! I still have time for a last ride of space mountain :)

A quick look at the race board, I find out that the Grünewald marathon is happening end of October. Perfect timing, I can build some mileage again while still tapering at least two weeks before. Let's get to work! After a week of rest, I resume my weekly routine of two 5-6k runs during the week and a long run on weekends: 10k first, 21k the week after and a long 35k last Saturday. From this on, I will decrease the mileage and taper the last two weeks to arrive rested and ready at the starting line.

I am a bit anxious resuming my running and I take it really easy. But my foot is ok, and apart from some tiredness in my legs, I feel fit. During the half and 35k especially, I am amazed at my level of fitness and my heart-rate. I run the half in 2:16 (10 faster than usual) and the 35k in 4h, which means that I will most probably finish the next marathon in less than 5h! More impressive, my heart-rate is very steady and average 150-160bpm. This is probably the result of my training, but the weather is also cooler and I'm now running with my super-light backpack and only 1L of water.

Apart from that, I also bought NEW SHOES for the upcoming winter: Salomon XA pro 3D (a must have for a 3D artist!). A bit more bad-ass than my Speedcross, they have the reputation of being good trekking/trail running shoes for short distances. I bought them at a very decent price and choose the GTX version (goretex, water repellent) to keep my feet dry. This is part of the upcoming training I am planning for the winter: run short (for weather reasons) but run more often. The idea is to run everywhere I need to go (providing I'm not alone or I'll lose all my friends!). 

I am also planning some skipping rope sessions for rainy/very cold days. I still target the Eco Trail de Paris next spring (or similar), where I'll officially become an ultra runner :)