In 2015 I injured my foot and collapsed from marathon level to not being able to run 5km without excruciating pain. Why did this happen, how did I slowly get rid of it and all my advice on keeping this dreadful plague away from you? This extensive article is a diary where I have logged each step of my journey on the path to recovery.



I decided to start this year 2017 with the 2-week test from Dr. Phil Maffetone. Here are my notes, as I survived two weeks without eating carbohydrates and replaced them with proteins, fibres and healthy fats. The results are surprising and made me do some changes in my daily nutrition. This is a test that everyone should do at least once.


Un test très détaillé sur ma nouvelle acquisition, la TomTom Runner 3, une montre GPS d'entrée de gamme à moins de 150€, mais qui en a dans le ventre ! J'y détaille tout, du déballage aux tests les plus poussés, pour voir si la belle tient ses promesses. Ergonomie, interface PC et mobile, activités, navigation, capteur cardio poignet, entraînements, tout y passe. J'espère que cela convaincra tous les indécis :)

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