Sunday 18 February 2018

Beet juice, freezing runs and big projects

What does not kill you makes you stronger - Nietzche

I'm the kind of person who always need goals to aim at in my life. I don't like them unreachable but I want to fight for them. What's the point in running after easy victories?

This is the time, this is now. I feel it in my guts. I'm just a long-run away of breaking the ultra barrier. And this year, no excuses, I'm ready for the Eco-Trail de Paris. Following the footsteps of my brother-in-run, who nailed the 80k some years ago. But I shall be happy with "only" 45km. It will be a helpful step before my ultimate goal of 50km, planned for this spring/autumn :)

But there isn't much time left for training. I need to hurry up! Here I am back on the trail, pushing the 20's to reach the 30's, until a tough 38k before tapering.

Winter weather makes everything hard, I'm always too cold or too dressed. I'm running 3 times a week, every time the weather has a bit of sun to offer. The new backpack is helping, lighter than air and perfectly wrapped around my back. New shoes should follow shortly to replace my good old Salomon which scored more than 600km. Maybe a new watch too, as my disappointing forerunner can barely hold 30km before running out of battery :(

Amazing 28k and 34k lately. The doc put me on vitamins and freshly pressed veggie juice every morning and I'm recovering faster than ever. Although I'm still dying of exhaustion right after a long run until I get a good night sleep.

To complete my training, we spent 4 days in the Erzgebirge mountains, at the Tcheck Republic border. Ski, snowboard, fresh air, good food and daily exercise, all I needed for a healthy break between two long runs.

More to come and good stuff, I promise! :)