Friday 12 February 2016

13th run and 4km

Don't be in such a hurry! Work on your technic, speed will come later without you even noticing.

Li Xu

How many times have I heard that from my former kung fu master, who learned amongst the shaolin monks? In our daily life, we are obsessed with speed, always trying to do everything as fast as possible. But speed is merely the habit of repeating the same action thousand times. If we work on speed instead of technic, we will end up being very fast at performing poor quality actions!

It is the same with running. Don't think about speed at the beginning. Work on your stride, your position, your landing, your arms, your breathing, your mental and so on. Soon you will realize how all that has become easy and how fast you are now.

Why am I playing the old wiseman this morning? Maybe because one more time I realise that my master was right. After a month working on my stride, not paying attention to pace or time, I run this morning at 5'55, whereas I was barely under 7'00 a month age. No rush, no pain, my usual pace is just coming back naturally. Let's hope my foot will get along with it :)

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