Sunday 31 December 2017

Godspeed 2017

Merry Xmas and happy new year!

This is my last post of the year. And what a running year! 2016 was punctuated with failed attempts to recover and climb my way up to the marathon distance again, but 2017 made up for it! A full year of training, more than 1000 km, multiple halfs (Potsdam, Grünewald), my first trail marathon (Schorfheide), and all that without a break, not a single injury, and new personal bests! Yeah me :)

I've never been that close to my goal. 42km... Only 8 more to go and I can close this blog and go back to my couch ;) There is no time to rest, I have big projects for next year, starting with the Eco-trail of Paris in March (45km), the long time dreamed 50km this summer (still looking for a race) and maybe the marathon du Médoc for this automn (running dressed and drinking wine!)

But for now, I'm spending the end of the year in South France. 15 degrees, sunny landscape, way too much to eat and drink, as usual. Santa's been very generous this year (or I've been a very good boy!) and brought me a new running backpack from Raidlight, the one I've been dreaming of for so long. I know I said I would buy it after running a 50k, I'm cheating a bit, but I'm sure it will help me reach my goal :)

I'm testing it on short 5ks around the house. Hard to run when your belly's always full! But so far it is amazing. 200g empty, a micrometric screw to tighten it, 2 flasks on the front, you just don't feel it at all. And it is made in France, in Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, where I spent all my summers and winters as a kid ♥ I'll write a review about it as soon as I have done a few long runs with it.

That's all for this year folks. As said, I had an amazing time training and I'm so proud of having nailed a trail marathon. 2018, here I come, bring on your dirty roads!