Wednesday 23 March 2016

24th run and 14km

Can't read the watch, but it says 14km!

And what a pace: 6'12 overall. I don't push it at all, I just let my body get to a comfortable speed. Run after run, it feels healthier, lighter and faster. Without paying much attention to it, focussing on my foot signals, I am catching up with my previous cardio level. But I need to be careful and don't let motivation drive me up to injury... One time is way enough!

What started with very short runs of a few km two months ago is now shifting to long runs above 10km. I need to be technically prepared for such distance, and by that I mean starting to carry the appropriate gear and supplies. This time I pack my running bottle with juice and a power bar, to fuel my system on the way.

As I noticed, not paying too much attention to my foot seems to help: no pain, just the uncomfortable sensation that my plantar fascia is working and does not really enjoy it. But it takes the load pretty well and seems to have now more rebound and deforms much better, less demanding on the base of the hill.

The 14km pass by quickly. A few short breaks to drink, a few deviations to avoid threatening dogs - my pepper spray is ordered, I should have it for my next run. I have been running more and more on concrete lately and I start to feel it in my legs today. At the end of the run, I feel sore muscles and pain in my joints... FINALLY! It's been 9 months since my last long run and sore muscles, I feel alive!

Heading back home, I have a good feeling about the half marathon in ten days. With the Easter weekend coming, I am planing to run short on Friday and 16km on Monday. I will then taper until the race. If I manage 16k, I should be able to cross the finish line. It is still 5km more to run, a big step, but I should manage if I taper correctly before and run easy with many breaks on race day. Hey, if it were a sure thing, the adventure wouldn't be that exciting ;)

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