Thursday 17 March 2016

22nd run and 12km

Who's the boss?

New reccord: 12km today!

Don't you just hate catching a cold and being forced to a week of rest? I'm just getting out of one and I feel a ferocious need to put on my shoes and head outside. Let's beat the hell out of some new record today!

Sunny day, finally spring is coming. Light clothes and sunglasses, this feels great! I figured out my foot will be all rested after a week, turns out it is complaining right from the beginning. But it doesn't last. I know the plantar fascia (injured part of my foot) is a tissue band and therefore cannot warm up, but I guess my calves and feet muscles take on most of the load after warming up on the first 2km.
I run long, longer than before, always a bit further away from home and metro stations. Taking some (limited) risks is part of the game. I complete the 12km quite easily, watching my pace and staying on little trails and soft routes. No music in my ears. It feels right, it helps me concentrate on my breathing and on my foot signals.

I am now covering distances considered as long-runs in a beginning marathon training plan. This way, I should be able to start one after the half marathon in 2 weeks, and a week or two of rest, of course. I also need to start packing some gear and food now, at least water, to keep my body well supplied and ready for new challenges :)

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