Wednesday 9 March 2016

21st run and easy 5k

Sometimes you just need to keep it short and get some rest! After breaking 2 records in a week (8 and 10k), this is some wise advise I should follow. Especially if I want to nail 11k or 12k on Saturday.

Short run today then, I'm out for my favourite 5km trail run. Cold and sunny morning, my favourites. I can feel from the start that my foot has not recovered yet, it complaining a little. No pain, but it definitely needs one more day of rest after a long run.

Anyway, I feel good, I go easy on the pace. The last thing I want is to crash at 3 weeks of the half! No music today, I forgot my mp3 player at home. It is very nice actually, I live such a noisy life than calm is almost frightening! Almost get bitten by an angry dog... Why do dogs like to run but are always mad at runners!? Shouldn't we be like best buds?

Heading back home, that's enough for today. I need all my rest for Saturday :)

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