Wednesday 2 March 2016

19th run and 8km

New record: 8km today!

Running again in the morning, after two days at home. I really feel better this way, I think my foot is all rested from the night and complains less on the way. Lately, the additional kilometres feel easy and right. I don't have the impression of doing too much too quickly. That's a relief. I'm convinced my recovery is on a good path and I am less and less afraid of hitting a dead end.

Four weeks only until the half marathon. I should break the 10km distance next week, second step of my recovery plan. Then I am planing to switch to a training-plan approach, with two short runs during the week (less than 10km) and one long run on weekends, increasing them by 2km every week. I don't think I need easy weeks for now, as long as my foot is going well.

With this plan, I should hit the 16th km the week before the half. A few days taper and I'll be ready. Will my foot carry me for an additional 5km on race day? Only one way to find out...

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