Sunday 20 March 2016

23rd run and 8km

Easy 8k today. I am trying to get some rest after the 12k and before my two next goals: 14k on Wednesday and 15 or 16k on Easter Monday. I will then taper for a few days to be fresh and ready for the half marathon in 2 weeks. We will see how my foot feels and how long I can run!

But for today, nothing big, nothing new. I am changing areas, running on an old friendly route with less trail and more concrete, to get used to it. This brings me close to where I got injured, coming back to the crime scene! I notice sth interesting on the way: if I pay too much attention to my foot signals, I start to feel some scratching and unpleasant thrills in my sole, which make me anxious and wondering if I should continue. However, if I focus my mind on sth else, start telling myself a story in my head and completely forget all about my foot for some time, any unpleasant feeling disappears and my foot is going well. A very good example of how powerful our mind is at convincing ourselves that we are in pain, the minute we start worrying about it. I should definitely relax and trust my body, so I can recognise the real signals if I push it too much!

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Final note: I almost got eaten by a very angry dog today. It wasn't on a leash and just jumped at me, with the firm intention of biting. I was very lucky and barely avoided the bite by running backwards and yelling at him. He came so close that I even hit its snout with my fist. Fortunately the owner was able to stop it in the end and I escaped swearing (in Fench) at them both. I was so angry! One bite and I'm up for 3 months recovery. Bye bye half-marathon! This is not the first time this happens to me and I often read stories of runners victims of dogs attacks. I have more than enough and decided this time to buy a pepper spray and carry it with me every time I run. Beware angry dogs... A runner's bite can be bitter too! ;)

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