Monday 7 March 2016

20th run, 10k and 2nd goal achieved


Exactly one month after achieving my first 5k and for the 20th run of my recovery training, I AM NAILING THE 10K!

I am so happy, and for many reasons: First because 10k is my favourite distance - long enough to challenge me but short enough to give all I have without the fear, not to finish it -, then because I have been unable to run this long since my injury 7 months ago (my max was 9km in Prag, with excruciating pain at the end), and finally because 10km is a very common distance in many race events, especially charity ones. This new record (re)opens many doors for me and the possibility to subscribe to events, even if I can't compete at my previous level for now.

Nothing crazy about today's run. I haven't run in 5 days so my foot is well rested and I figure out I should push the distance a bit if I hope to complete the half in 4 weeks. My foot complains a little on the way but stays docile. The pace is good, 6.20 overall, I feel good, peaceful, confident. When I hit the 8th km, my previous record, I start paying close attention to my foot signals. The route alternates muddy trail and concrete roads. Everything alright. I slow down a bit, as a precaution. The 10th km bips and resonates in my ears, like a well deserved reward. I did it!

It took me almost 2 months to complete the first 10k, and I need to run more than twice the distance in four weeks... The adventure goes on, with exciting new challenges! :)

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