Wednesday 27 January 2016

Sixth Run

Nice weather for my sixth run today, I barely put a jacket on my shoulders!

3km as on Monday, not rushing anything. From the beginning, I get a burning sensation in my foot, like hot water on my sole. The feeling goes away after a careful first km. I am wondering if I should maybe warm up my calves and stretch my foot before running. After all, I run about 1h after getting out of bed! Will try this on Friday.

Other questions are filling up my mind: resuming my training and pushing the distance feels heavy on every step. I want to ease the process but not sure how. Building up my calves or feet muscles to lower the impact? Engage these so called glut muscles, but how? And above all, what should I correct in my stride? I know the first step to recover from PF is to learn how to run properly.

Let's try sth... I change my contact position, landing on my forefoot and unrolling up to the hill. It feels a little easier on my foot and harder on my calves. That could be the way... Or just peace before the storm! I shall definitely read more on that matter.

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