Monday 25 January 2016

5th run and 3km

"Highway to the danger zone" - Kenny Loggins

Outstanding run and a stunning new record of 3km today!

Well maybe not that great, rainy weather and crappy trail... The temperature went up during the weekend, snow melted, leaving the ground all wet and slippery. I have to leave the trail for some off-road and daring steps into the wild, very exciting indeed :)

Since I had two days of rest, I push the distance up to 3km. Can't say my foot is happy. No pain, but it feels a little sore at the base of my hill, probably because I run on harder ground. Or is that all in my head? I read that pain due to PF is usually not as serious as it feels, our mind tends to over dramatize the whole thing. And I can be quite the drama queen!

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