Thursday 23 November 2017

Cold mornings, rainy afternoons and early nights

No doubt, automn is here in her colorful night gown of leaves flying around. Days get shorter, colder, it's raining every time you step outside and the rare sun makes everything quite depressing. Hard to find the motivation for a proper training!

As usual, having a goal helps me a lot: the Grünewald marathon is approaching and I want it on my 2017 palmares. Unfortunately, a storm hit the woods and made the route impracticable for the event to occur in October, it's been rescheduled at the end of November. It's getting hard to stay fit and ready. After a hard 21k and a better 25k, I'm getting close to the event and I realise I should not risk a bad cold or injury. I'll stick to the Halfmarathon for this time, trying to score a new post-PF best.

On the other side, I'm planning to use the winter to strengthen my upper body: push ups, chin ups, skipping rope at lunch break and running with weights. I will probably run twice a week only so I need to compensate. I'm also on a vitamins diet this month to survive the winter! It would be nice to find a nice trail running group for motivation too.

I'm starting organising next year's schedule. Not sure what it will be yet, just some ideas: finally joining the ultrarunners vip club with an eco trail 45k in March, Wings for Life in May and Marathon du Médoc in October. Hell yeah \\m//

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