Monday 7 August 2017

Easy 25k to get some rest

"You shall get some rest, for any long run will bring a longer one."
- wisdom saying I just made up

This week I'm trying to rest! After my 34k  and before running longer, I need a few days off, to cool down body and soul. I ran a small 6k on Thursday and I'm planning about 24k for this Saturday.
Sunny and windy day as I like them. Still exploring the area between Hoppegarten and Müggelsee, im heading there at a steady 7'00 pace. I feel better than a week ago, my heartbeat stabilises at 150bpm. No pain in my feet, it's amazing to see how it improved in the last long runs, to almost disappear completely.

Om nom nom

No difficulty on the road. I'm starting to know these new trails pretty well... But I still get lost or need to go back sometimes! A bit of rain on my way back. I score a 2h27' at the marathon, I'm improving!
I'm finishing with a bit more than 25k at my watch, nice run overall. I feel ready for next week, when I'm planning to finish a 36 or 38k. This will be my last long run before tapering during the last 3 weeks up to the marathon. In one month I will be officially a 2-times marathoner =)

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