Thursday 3 August 2017

34km straight to Müggelsee

It's a sunny day, let's head straight to the lake!

It's been a while since I'm planning to run up to Müggelsee lake again. I know it well for running a few times in the area, around the lake and I even reached it from home three years ago. But at that time I took the fastest way and followed roads, whereas I want to trail run up there this time.
I didn't do it recently, as it is quite far from home, about 17km away, if I stick to trails. But this time I feel ready to cross and explore the 30's!

The day is perfect, sunny and windy, no storm threatening like last time. I have been feeling tired the whole week and I ran twice already, so I'm thinking it's going to be no piece of cake... Packed with water and food, I hit the road. I simplified my route to take the shortest way through the forest.
As feared (but also as usual) I feel tired straight from the beginning. Heartbeat is over 150, my legs feel heavy. I go really easy, waiting for my body to warm up. I realise it's a very hot day and I forgot to put suncream... Fortunately I'm mostly running in the forest. After the first 5km, I feel better already.

A long straight route through the forest carries me to the lake. For the first time I'm able to breathe deeply and slow down my heartbeat below 160. I guess the air in the forest is pure and loaded with oxygen. Another good reason to keep away from cars and roads!

I reach the lake shortly after 14km. What a view, I can't get tired of it! Everyone is sunbathing, drinking cocktails and eating ice cream... While I need to turn around and head back home already ;(


After as short break to buy some drinks and food, I'm on my way back. I can feel in my legs that the break was actually a bit to long. It's damn hard to restart the engine! 

I'm following a slightly different route, very green and exotic, I love it. Still passing by the shooting range, I can't say that I'm completely reassured and I speed up the pace. About pace, I'm averaging a bit over 7:20, because of my break. I don't mind, I just wanna finish.

I hit the wall around 30km. I feel suddenly tired, my heartbeat rises over 170 and doesn't calm down, even when I walk. Heavy legs, ankles hurting, short breath. I also have belly aches after eating my two cliff bars, which may be a bit hard to digest. Still 4km to go, I know I can finish but I'm not sure I could run much further. Damn marathon so close but still unreachable!

I cover the last kilometers at a very slow pace, happy to be done. I'm running out of water, I drank the full 3L I had in the backpack. I think 1L/10km really is a minimum and I shouldn't drink less than this, especially with this weather. Apart from that, nothing to complain. I'm all tan because I was running topless most of the time. Better not forget the suncream next time, I need a pick-up list on my door! I notice some chafing occurred in by back and I have a square of red burning skin where the backpack is sliding. I need a better one, but that's for another time!

Overall a new amazing victory and long distance record. Note that I didn't mention my foot until now! That's because I barely felt any discomfort there the whole time. I'm really close to a full recovery. See you soon for new exciting adventures :)

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