Tuesday 11 July 2017

The big 30

It's a small step for men, but a giant step for me!

This is a personal note to my injured foot, my friendly lumbago and my helpful doctor who told me I should stop running:

TODAY I RAN 30KM IN 3:35min... DEAL WITH IT! Miracles do happen, when you're too stupid to quit.

30km... After these last few week of running in the 20's, it seems natural and almost no big deal to reach this distance. But now that I think about it, I've just run the third longest distance of my life, after a difficult 32k and my marathon three years ago. And I remember striving to finish both of them and the week of unbearable muscle pain right after that.

No difficulty this time though. I'm covering the distance as usual, slowly but steady, average pace around 7:00, heartbeat below 150. A bit depressed listening to Madame Bovary, I switched to a motivating playlist and my legs feel lighter already. Today I'm exploring new areas, quite motivating too. I finally found an app that lets me plan a route online and follow it on my phone without getting lost. Exploring the woods, I don't notice the kilometers flying by.

My foot is not complaining, but it's hard for my calves. I also noticed lately some pain randomly hitting my right leg. It makes sense in a way: In the past two years, I focused so much on my left leg, stretching and massaging it all the time, that my right one is left behind. It may very well become the week one soon. I need to start giving to both the same attention.

I finish in good shape, still able to run some more if I weren't out of water. I need to refill on the way, 1,5L is way too few for such distances! I spend the afternoon recovering, eating and drinking like if I had not in the last two months! A nap would have helped, but no time for that, daddy's errands to run. The night is peaceful, no fever, no sweating. Next day is better too, little to no muscle pain. I'm definitely recovering faster than ever. But I need to run seriously during the week, at least twice, or my body won't stand such distances much longer.

All in all an amazing victory on myself. Next week is a resting one, I'll run short on Tuesday and probably around 20km on Sunday. I am now convinced that I can run a marathon as planned in 9 weeks! If everything goes according to the plan, I will run it like a long run, therefore being ready for another race (the 50k?) in no time :)

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