Tuesday 18 July 2017

16km, home rest

Resting week between long runs. Now that I am running in the 30's, I think I should follow Hal Highdon's TP progression and change my stepped training, to alternate long and not-so-long runs, one week after the other. I did manage to run 28km and 30km with only one week of rest in between, but I doubt it is wise to do so, as the distance keep increasing and my feet have such a short time to recover.

YES, I said FEET, as I am more and more convinced that my PF is close to being healed, whereas my other foot is threatening to get hurt as well. I shall now treat both equally and take good care of them both :)

Anyway, resting week as said before the big 32k. I ran 6k on Tuesday and a steady 16k on Sunday night, while spending 4 days in the Family. Too much to eat, too much to drink, food for the body, food for the soul. Sometimes it's all you need to get fit :)
Back on tracks with a huge week and 50km ahead. Ahoi mousaillon!

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