Monday 19 June 2017

26km, a penny for your thoughts?

26km in 3h!

It's been a week since I ran the Potsdam half and I'm a bit afraid to run long again, so early. I barely went out for a 10km this week and I could feel that my foot was still recovering. Shall I stick to my training plan? The show must go on? Let's see...

I'm out on a sunny Sunday morning. It's hot but it's still bearable. I follow my favourite route, juice and food in the backpack. I just baked flapjacks on Saturday, yummy! As a test, I added a magnesium tablet to my water/juice/salt mixture. Indeed, I got some muscle pain following my last long runs, it could be a lack of electrolytes, especially magnesium, which is working on the muscle and nervous system. We shall see if it makes any difference.

What makes today unusual and probably enhances my overall performance is that I have an important interview on Monday when I'll need to talk about my job (in German) and I am a bit nervous about it. So, during the 3h im running, I'm rehearsing in my head. This keeps my brain busy and my attention away from my foot.

Also my pace is steadier, I don't stop as often as usual. I'm hitting 10km already, I eat a banana and I keep going. I feel less the urge to drink, maybe because the day is not that hot (23°C). When I hit 20km, my foot starts complaining. I feel it a bit more, it's getting more sensible to the pounding. I devour a flapjack and continue. The last six kilometres are quick and easy. My heart-rate is a bit high though. As I'm still lost in my thoughts, it went over to 160bpm. I slow down the pace and finish the 26km in about 3h, therefore 20 min less than the 25km I ran a month ago!

To conclude, I am even more convinced that part of the pain you feel when recovering from PF is psychological. Focus on something else and you will notice that the pain is slipping away. Still be careful, when it's coming back!

I am also convinced that the magnesium pill helped, while running as well as recovering. I barely have muscle pain on the next day and I feel great! I just had my blood tested this month and everything is ok, all levels are in the green. But I imagine that different levels should be considered for long-distance runners. My body seems to like a little magnesium treat... 

...Or maybe I'm just becoming better and better ;)

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