Thursday 29 June 2017

16km, Vienna and the Donau Insel

Vienna from the Kaisermühlenbrücke (Donai Insel left)

Just coming back from Vienna, where we spent a few days at my brother-in-run Mihh. Two days of sun along the Danube, exploring the narrow hilly streets of Bratislava and the majestic city of Vienna.

With a nice surprise on Sunday: Mihh organised a group run on the Donau Insel, this long narrow island in the middle of the river. 6 km to run there and 10 km on the island, under a heavy sun and 30 degrees. After stretching, I couldn't resist jumping all dressed in the river. Amazing cooling effect. 

Following with a little breakfast and finishing bathing with the family. Barbecue on the afternoon and beer tasting on the evening!

The kind of weekend you'd like every week =)

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