Monday 8 May 2017

Spring running


Spring has come and the first sunny days are finally here. Who said Berlin had a terrible weather? I've seen the sun shining at least twice in the past month, so please...

This is my favourite time of the year, as I know I have at least 6 months of sunny training ahead of me. Catching up with my it, I managed until now to run twice at lunch break during the week and push the long runs up to 22km on weekends. I'm really impressed my body is recovering so quickly the fitness I had 4 years ago. I'm still running slow, pace around 6'30 and I keep an eye on my foot.

Wonderful runs lately, I'm rediscovering my favourite paths and exploring new ones. Spring is a promise and I intend to get ready for a summer marathon as soon as I finish my training plan!

Here a few pictures of the nicest areas :)

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