Monday 22 May 2017

25km and a few things out of my trailer's bucket list

Yeeeeehaaaah !

I DID IT! It took me 8 months to reach the level I had and run the distance I covered at Berlin's marathon last September (24 km). I even broke my record of the longest distance I achieved since I injured my foot and I had the pleasure to upgrade my counter to 25km. Belissimo :)

Wonderful sunny run yesterday, with new things out of my bucket list to become a true trail runner:

  Attach t-shirt on backpack to dry and run topless. What an amazing feeling, although not everyone seems to enjoy the view of a sweaty smelly shirtless runner!
  Share crackers with ducks and chicks. Well, I do like salt on my eggs.
  Ask complete strangers gardening to fill-up hydratation pack. People are always so nice to runners, even if they look at you like if you were completely nuts, when it's 30°C and you say you still got 10 km to go.
  Poop in the wild. I heard this one's a big step you have to go through for a full trail running's experience! I guess you can't avoid it forever, especially when you are 3 or 4h on the way. Still, it feels like the whole planet is looking at you and I even checked YouTube this morning, in fear to be in the trending news!
Anyway, all that on a 25km run! Looks like you don't need an ultra to live great adventures!

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