Monday 19 September 2016

Weeks 6 and 7/18, getting ready for the M-Day

Two more weeks of training, slowly but surely building kilometrage. Trying to run everytime I can, between late work deliveries, daddy duties and giving the wife some training time too.

After two runs of 16km (including one with some creepy under-the-bridge action, check my last post), I did a giant step forwards and ran 20km yesterday, plus one with my little cheese cube. I feel therefore ready for a proper half marathon, not like the last one that broke my foot even more!

Which is perfect, since next Sunday is the big Berlin Marathon. This year, I'll be running with the wife and brother-in-run :) When I subscribed last year, I was sure to run and finish it. But recovery is a long road with many traps. I will be happy if I run at least half of it. But I'll stop at the first complaint of my foot. This is indeed just a long run on my road to the ultra!

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