Monday 5 September 2016

Week 5/18, water under the bridge

Another one bites the dust!

Finishing this 5th week of training. I ran 34km times over 4 runs. Oma was still home so I could run with the wife, damn she's really getting better at this than me. I can't believe she will run her second marathon in 3 weeks and I am struggling to finish a half without hurting myself... But I have some nice plans in the tank for next year ;)

Finishing with a long 16k yesterday. I wanted some adventures and I got it! The weather was threatening but I went out anyway. Heavy rain caught me halfway and thunder were beating. I had to stop running and seek refuge under a bridge where I stayed 45min until the storm passed! Little to eat or drink, no warm clothes... and my mobile only had 10℅ of batterie left! Best plot ever for a (bad) Hollywood movie!

When the rain stopped, I found my way home. Eventually I noticed that with all this fuss going on, I did not think once about my injured foot. I was running the last kilometres at a very good pace (5'20) and I could barely feel it. It has therefore become a more psychological issue. My foot may well have completely recovered now but my head keep messing around about it!

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