Thursday 2 June 2016

Back on the trail

Finally, after more than one month of rest, I am back on the trail with brand new shoes! Taking it easy of course, I ran 2,5km on Sunday and again this morning. I warm up my calves and stretch my whole leg before and after. No pain, just some unpleasant tension in my sole. I need to build mileage from scratch again, like I did in January. I hate myself for getting injured again, I need to grow up and start taking care of myself!

I felt some numbing and scratching in my foot today, meaning the blood flow is good and my foot healing. After reading a lot on PF, it seems that recovery is faster when you stay active: exercising with caution and stretching. I will try to run every two days on my way back to work. I still have no idea if I can run a marathon in four months. I should start a training plan this week, but I cannot commit to the mileage. We'll see how things goes, I'll skip the event if I have too. I won't do the same mistake twice!

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